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About us

The Krakow Chamber of Tourism is a tourist municipal organization. The Krakow Chamber of Tourism was established on the 4th of April 1992 and it associates 192 members (14th september 2020) that render tourist services, from Krakow and the region of Małopolska.


The basic tasks of the Chamber are:


 - to co-operate with authorities in the sphere of creating the appropriate conditions for the development of tourism in Krakow and region of Małopolska

 - to increase the standard of tourist services

 - to form the region's tourist image

 - to contribute to the development of tourism in Krakow and region of Małopolska by participation in national and foreign tourist fairs

 - to co-operate with similar foreign organizations

 - the Krakow Chamber of Tourism helps them to resolve their economic, organisational and legal problem


According to the decision of statutory bodies of the Krakow Chamber of Tourism, every business unity looking for the membership has to fulfil the following conditions:

 1) Should be registered and should have operated on the tourist service market since     minimum 1 year.

 2) Should have the license for tourist activity

 3) Apply for membership

 4) To submit written recommendation of 2 existing members of Krakow Chamber of Tourism

Statutory bodies of yhe Krakow Chamber of Tourism are as follows: General Assembly, Board, Auditing Commision, Arbitration Court.

The term of office of the Authorities of the Krakow Chamber of Tourism lasts 3 years and the current composition was elected during the General Reporter's and Electing Assembly of Krakow Chamber of Tourism that look place on the 14th of September 2020.