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Carrying out our mission for 25 years, the Kraków Chamber of Tourism participates in the dynamic development of tourism in Kraków in Małopolska, eager to build a positive image of our city and region. A vital elements of a tourist product, with significant impact on the image of the region are lodging and accommodation facilities. Yet not all of them are subject to the Act on categorisation that awards a specific category to a given facility, in this way defining the quality and scope of the services offered in a transparent and clear manner. This is why the Kraków Chamber of Tourism is eager to build a system for recommending those facilities/premises which are not subject to categorisation, and include hostels, apartments, guestrooms, and other forms of accommodation, awarding them quality certificates. Certification of lodging/accommodation facilities will help in continuous development, promotion of best practices, and improvement of service quality in these facilities.

The Penelopa Quality Certificate will be awarded free of charge to the requests submitted by the accommodation facility by the Jury of the Odys Competition for the period of 2 years. The assessment will cover: culture, friendliness and expertise of service, cleanness and order on site, reliability and efficiency of the furnishing, accuracy of descriptions in advertising materials (also online), credibility of photographs, and opinions of tourists. The Rules and Regulations of the Odys Competition and Penelopa Quality Certificate are designed by the Jury of the Odys Competition, who also make decisions concerning the awards and certificates. The Jury is composed of representatives of Małopolska institutions: the Office of the Marshal of Małopolska Region, the Municipal Office of the City of Kraków, the Academy of Physical Education in Kraków, experts and journalists

Nearly 25 years ago, Kraków Chamber of Tourism decided to organise the annual Odys Competition for tourist agencies in Małopolska Region, awarded “for the best quality of tourist services”.

Today, time has come for the all-time favourite continuation of the events described in mythology, and for turning the spotlight of history to tourist services in Małopolska – the Penelopa (Penelope) of the eternally travelling Odys (Odysseus/Ulysses).”

In our case, they are the services extended by the operators of facilities, all but forgotten in the Act on tourist services, although holding a significant share in the provision of services to inbound tourists coming to our region. That is why it is to these patient and nearly anonymous, yet persistent in their activities, operators of the lodgings and accommodations that are not subject to categorisation that we dedicate this competition (and certificate) bearing the graceful name of Penelopa.


Penelopa Quality Certificates 2017

  • 4seasons Apartments Cracow, 31-135 Kraków, ul. Stefana Batorego 4/4A-6A
    T: 513 103 611    E:office@4seasonscracow.com   
  • Avium 1, Avium 2 Apartment, 31-123 Kraków, ul. Krupnicza 10/14-15
    T: 601 292 292    E: office@sleepinginkrakow.com   
  • City Center Rooms and Apartments, 31-007, Kraków    ul. Gołębia 8        
    T: 12 341 45 86   E: info@citycenterapartment-krakow.com   
  • Home, Sweet home Apartment    31-133, Kraków    ul. Dunajewskiego 4/14        
    T: 601 912 942    E: office@sleepinginkrakow.com   
  • Hostel Ave Łagiewniki    30-607    Kraków, ul. Kołodziejska 34        T: 511 198 995    E: avelagiewniki@gmail.com    Kokon Old Town Apartment    31-141    Kraków    ul. Krowoderska 4/4        
    T: 601 292 292     E: ebiegun@gmail.com  
  • Marta Hostel Na Wiśle    30-302    Kraków, ul. Bulwar Wołyński        
    T: 12 452 23 04    E: hoteliknawodzie@op.pl  
  • Mint&Lemon Old Town Apartments, 31-510 Kraków, ul. Rakowicka 20AB/43       
    T: 601 292 292     E: office@sleepinginkrakow   
  • Nobel Suites, 31-510 Kraków, ul. Rakowicka 23/29       
    T: 500 838 883     E: stay@mkgroup.co
  • Platinum Aparthotel, 31-510 Kraków, ul. Rakowicka 19        
    T: 882 356 459     E: recepcja@platinumaparthotel.pl   
  • Pokoje Gościnne Jordan, 31-147 Kraków, ul. Długa 9        
    T: 12 430 09 92    E: nocleg@jordan.pl 
  • The Secret Garden Hostel,31-066 Kraków, ul. Skawińska 7        
    T: 12 430 54 45    E: info@thesecretgaeden.pl   
  • Tukan Old Town Apartment, 31-042 Kraków, ul. Krowoderska 6/24        
    T: 601 292 292     E: office@sleepinginkrakow.com   

                                                     Penelopa Quality Certificates 2016

  • Apartamenty Kajzer Hostel, 30-534 Kraków, ul. Limanowskiego 12        
    T: 12 423 64 38    E: hostel@kajzerhostel.pl
  • Apartamenty Zamkowa 15, 30-301 Kraków, ul. Zamkowa 15        
    T: 513 675 626    E: biuro@zamkowa15.com
  • ApartmentsApart, 31-050    Kraków, ul. Dietla 75/1A        
    T: 12 421 42 01    E: krakow@bookaa.net
  • Old Town Residence, 31-016 Kraków, ul. Sławkowska 11       
    T: 12 421 42 01    E: krakow@bookaa.net
  • The Spiski Palace, 31-010 Kraków ul. Rynek Główny 34        
    T: 501 745 873    E: krakow@bookaa.net
  • Topolowa Residence, 31-506 Kraków, ul. Topolowa 27        
    T: 12 421 01 20    E: recepcja@topolowaresidence.pl

 Penelopa Quality Certificates 2015

PLATINUM APARTHOTEL – ul. Rakowicka 19, 31-510 Kraków

ANTICA – Pokoje Gościnne – ul. Czarnowiejska 76, 30-054 Kraków

PREMIUM HOSTEL – ul. Pomorska 2, 30-039 Kraków

DIZZY DAISY HOSTEL – ul. Pędzichów 9, 31-152 Kraków

Jordan –Pokoje Gościnne – ul. Długa 9, 31-147 Kraków

Penelopa Quality Certificates 2014

KAJZER HOSTEL – Kraków, ul. Limanowskiego 12
APARTAMENT BAJECZNY –  Kraków, Wiślisko 5/16
KAZIMIERZ  RESIDENCE – ApartamentsApart   Kraków, ul. Dietla 75
HOSTEL ATLANTIS – Kraków, ul. Dietla 58
CITY HOSTEL – Kraków, ul. Św. Krzyża 21

Penelopa Quality Certificates 2013

ANTICA Pokoje Gościnne – Kraków ul. Czarnowiejska 76

DIZZY DAISY DOWNTOWN HOSTEL – Kraków, ul. Pędzichów 9

Hostel FREEDOM – Kraków, ul. Pomorska 2

JORDAN Pokoje Gościnne – Kraków ul. Długa 9

Willa „KATARZYNKA” Alicja Gacal – Rabka Zdrój, ul. Poniatowskiego 20

PREMIUM HOSTEL – Kraków, ul. Pomorska 2

Ośrodek Wczasowy „WCZASY POD GRUSZĄ”  – Biecz, ul. Belna Górna

First Penelopa Quality Certificates were awarded on 14th December 2012 to:

Hostel OLIMP – ul. Rostafińskiego 9, 30-072 Kraków
Centrum Aktywnego Wypoczynku BOREK – Borek 302, 32-765 Rzezawa
Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne TĘCZOWA ZAGRODA – Tymbark 71, 34-650 Tymbark
BRAMA HOSTEL – ul. Floriańska 55, 31-019 Kraków
Kazimierz Residence APARTMENTSAPART Sp. z o.o. – ul. Dietla 75, Kraków
APARTHOTEL ADLER  Ewa Wrona – ul. Piwna 7, 30-527 Kraków
KAJZERHOSTEL – ul. Limanowskiego 12, 30-534 Kraków
Apartament BAJECZNY – ul. Wiślisko 5/16, 31-538 Kraków
WILLA HANUSIA – Bystra 18, 34-700 Rabka Zdrój