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Inauguration of the tourism season


This year, the Wieliczka Mine began the tourism season 15 April by presenting new services and celebrating the jubilee year of the oldest miners’ orchestra in Europe. The summer inauguration of the tourism season was also an occasion for organising a meeting of tourist branch reps. Tour operators and representatives of travel agencies had the opportunity to see the newly constructed in December 2014 graduation tower.
First quarter – a success
Opening the new season is also a chance to summarize the first three months with regards to the number of tourist who visited the mine. The Mine can be proud of another success this year following its achievement in 2014 when the number of tourist visiting the mine reached 1,290,000 persons. During the first quarter of 2015 the undergrounds of the mine were visited by 168,000 guests, i.e. 8% more than in the same period last year. The most frequent guests, apart from the Poles, arrived from Great Britain, Italy, France, Korea, Spain, Russia, Belorussia, Germany, the USA and Canada. During the first month and following the winter break the graduation tower was visited by over 8,000 persons who arrived at the tower to improve their health and for recreation purposes.
The orchestra’s anniversary
The establishment date of the founding of the miners’ orchestra is 1830. The musicians played for tourist and patients during their walks in the St. Kinga park not only to make their stay as pleasant as possible, as they also performed during grand festivities and celebrations. As in the past when the orchestra welcomed the Emperor Franz Joseph I, so now today, it performs for crowned heads and celebrities visiting the historic undergrounds guaranteeing the best ever musical performances during important events.
The orchestra played 135 meters underground during the jubilee concert “The Year of the Orchestra” various works, amongst other, “Tequila Samba”, “Sway” and “Lemon Tree”. The anniversary concert was combined with a laser show, multimedia presentation and honouring travel agencies cooperating with the Mine.